Chandrababu Looted Public Funds with Food Distribution Scheme for the Poor

During his rule as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh from 2014 to 2019, Chandrababu Naidu created a lot of scams. In one such scams, the Naidu govt looted Rs. 800 Crores on the pretext of feeding the poor. The noble cause was not that noble in reality. The Naidu govt used it’s a storefront for laundering money and filling the pockets of the TDP leaders and his too.

Food for the poor scheme was launched as both feeding the poor and branding himself as the savior. While the food packets did have his face on it and got him publicity, what people don’t know is the truth behind the scheme. Who is 420 in AP? Read the article to know the details and you will find out.

The Feeding Scheme That Wasn’t

The Naidu govt had started a scheme where it had distributed food and gifts to poor people on various occasions like Sankranti, Christmas and Ramjan. And, the scheme was named after him –Chandranna Kanuka scheme. Under the scheme, some 1.44 crore BPL families were to be benefited. They were supposed to get food packets which included things like jaggery, red gram,Bengal gram, wheat flour, palm oil and some ghee.

While the idea behind the scheme seemed noble, it was not so. Later, it was found that the scheme was just a frontage for a large scam where Chandrababu Naidu used the money to provide substandard food and pocketed the money. In this scam, many of his party members and cronies were part of it. Who is 420 in AP? Now that’s not tough to answer.

The Scam of Feeding the Poor

Chandrababu Naidu conveniently used the scheme to launder public money. The feeding scheme was started so that poor families can get decent meals on festive occasions. So that people can celebrate the occasion like the others. But the scheme was just the beginning of a large scam. It was a very thought-out plan that benefitted the CM greatly along with all the people who were associated with the scam.

As you know Naidu has christened the scheme after himself (Chandranna Kanuka or Chandranna’s Gift). This was a PR move that was aimed at making him look like a messiah. On the other hand, he was messiah to his own cause as the scheme became the scam that generated revenue for his party leaders. Keeping up with the tradition of awarding the contracts to people associated with the TDP, the contract for supplying food items were given to the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders. As predicted, they made a huge money out of the scheme.

The contracts given to the people provided substandard food items and pocketed the rest of the money. For this scheme, the TDP govt had spent a whooping amount of Rs. 1,600 crores during the four years of their rule. Out of the total money, Rs. 400 crores were spent every year, but most of the money ended up in the pockets of the party members.

Poor Quality Food

The contractors made money by supplying poor quality food. Not only the quality of the food was poor, the quantity of the food was less too. Imagine how much money they would have saved and then pocketed it. The food packet that people got was less than what was declared. For instance, the jaggery that was provided to them were in the form of liquid rather than solid form.

In addition to that, the packets had 445 grams of jaggery instead of 500 grams. Instead of 1 kg of wheat flour, the poor people got only 950 grams. This was done deliberately so that the TDP leaders could take the money. The quality and quantity both were compromised in the process. Complaints were made, but the Naidu govt did nothing.

This was the lie that Naidu govt sold to the people. Naidu actually allowed the loot as he was also a part of it. Providing poor quality food and that too at less quantity was just for the show. Who is 420 in AP? You can decide if Naidu qualified to be called that or not.

No Safety Certifications

As per the rules, the food items that are sold in the state must be safe. To ensure this, the companies that make food items must publish the details of the items on the packet. Information like date of packaging and expiry must be printed on it so that people can read it before consuming it. But the food items that were provided to the poor didn’t have the information on it.

The packets didn’t have other information either like the company details, phone numbers and other means of contact and all. It is important to comply with the rules and regulations or the suppliers or manufacturers can be fined up to Rs. 10 lakhs. This is rule set by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India.

The food supplies distributed under the Chandranna Kanuka scheme didn’t have the information or details on them. The Naidu govt wasn’t serious about the quality or safety of then food or the people.

The Bottom-line

The scheme of Feed the Poor was just a mirage as it was only used to loot the money. The quality and quantity of the food was compromised while the contractors and Chandrababu Naidu pocketed a huge amount of money. It was loot that happened under the leadership of Naidu and he didn’t do anything about it.

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