Gitam Land Encroachment Scam in Vizag: The Elaborate Fraud by 420 in AP

The Gitam Land Encroachment scam of about 7.61 acres of land that was assigned to the housing board for the below poverty people, was grabbed by Late MVVS Murthy. This shouldn’t come across as a shocker, while Andhra Pradesh was rocked continuously by various kinds of land scams that were taking place in the state. Also, these scams were being cunningly supported by the echelons of the state government, under Chandrababu Naidu’s rule. An ex-TDP leader –late MVVS Murthy was a relative of the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Murthy was also involved in another land-grabbing scam of 55.24 acres of land in Rishikinda, which was allocated for the housing of the poor people under the Rajiv Swagruha Corporation. Murthy, without much hustle, simply took over the land’s possession and shot off a written letter to the State Government for seeking permission to hand over the property to him. And this isn’t a brain-wrecking puzzle to solve that the State Government was more than willing to oblige with him in handing over the land to Murthy.

There have been various complaints lodged that stated the 55.24 acres of land, which has now been transformed into Gitam University, in reality, belonged to the government of Andhra Pradesh. However, the State Government, when was ruled by the ex-chief minister – Chandrababu Naidu, blatantly encouraged daylight conning by handing over more than 55.24 acres of land to MVVS Murthy in Rishikonda. So if you are still wondering who is 420 in AP, you need to continue to read further, and you will have your answers!

Although land encroachment is considered to be a big crime and awarding the one who is committing the offense just in the case of MVVS Murthy, it should be concluded as the abetment of the crime further, which is backed up by the government. And Chandrababu Naidu did many such crimes without faltering with his confidence, and nobody could ever question him. But, the main agenda that arises here is whether you –the people of Andhra Pradesh are again willing to encourage such criminal activities to take place in the future or not. Therefore, we would suggest you got your facts checked thoroughly before you go ahead and cast your vote in this upcoming election.

The Swagruha Corporation was urged by the Collector:

Further, in the year 2009, 7.61 acres of land that was allocated to the Rajiv Swagruha Corporation was further unabashedly occupied by Gitam University. And this is quite an astonishing point that the territory was not only just simply occupied but was asked to government to handover this worth Rs—100 crore land. Later, the honest Collector of Vizag –Yuvraj Singh, made it evident those 5.66 acres of land under Survey: 20 and 1.95 acres under survey: 16 were, allotted initially to Rajiv Swagruhan Corporation.

This land allotment had taken place on the 20th of February 2009 through GO No: 219, and transferring this land to Gitam University was a task, almost next to impossible. He further wrote addressing the CCLA that it isn’t possible to make any changes to the decisions made by the government and handover this massive piece of land of significant value to a private institution. He further suggested Rajiv Swagruha Corporation wrest this land from Gitam University and make sure to utilize it properly.

But, the efforts made the honest civil servant –Mr. Singh went into vain, as the crimes of land encroachment done by Murthy were legally backed by the ex-CM of the state. Now we think it is quite evident who is 420 in AP. The former chief minister of the state has plundered Andhra Pradesh through unimaginable ways, which not only are crimes being done in the daylight but also depriving the poor of the rights that they deserve.

Everything is on one side, and taking away the land that was allotted for building the houses for the poor of the state is on another side. This land encroachment incident was merely outrageous, yet no actions could be taken against Late M.V.V.S Murthy as he was successfully backed by the one in possession of all the responsibilities of the state. And this is the ultimate question being put from –whether you want to invite such a person to rule the government once again, and deprive the state further of its richness, or are you going to make wiser decisions?

In the Land Scam of Gitam University, the former CM oversaw that there were barefaced violations of the rules and the orders of the government being purposefully denied, yet no actions were taken. Further, the officials concerned with the matter were asked to prepare for the proposals and bring back the land from House Building Corporation and hand it over to the Benami. Also, as a part of this Land Encroachment process, the honest Collector of Vizag –Yuvraj Singh was transferred within four months of joining his duty.

Bottom Line:

Government officials, who were finding faults in the decisions given by the TDP government to cancel the land allotment, were made to transfer from their duties. Although questions were raised about such a worthy piece of land being handed over to a private university, the one who is 420 in AP never paid any heed. And that is why Chandrababu Naidu should be kept from taking over the government further in the future!

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