The Telugu Ganga Scam by the former Chief Minister of AP

The former CM, who is 420 in AP along with his cabinet ministers, has made the most of the irrigation projects in AP to fill up their pockets. On 9th March 2018, Chandrababu Naidu increased the evaluated cost of the Telugu Ganga project from Rs 172.99 crores to Rs. 180.48 crores. However, according to the former CM, this amount was not enough to complete the entire project, and hence, he went ahead and increased the estimated value to Rs 280.27 crores on 9th June 2018. This means that the then ruling TDP government changes the estimated cost by almost 100 crores just within three months of time.

This provides evidence for Rs 99.97 crores being used up changed hands. Here we will talk about all the details of the Telugu Ganga project. Read on to find out how the TDP ministers have manipulated the people of AP to fulfill their diabolical wishes.

Deceptive Estimations of the Telugu Ganga Irrigation Project!

Initially, the entire cost of the Telugu Ganga project was finalized at Rs. 4,460.64 crores on 20th March 2007. By the year 2008, more than 95% of the work for this irrigation project was already completed. Only 5% of work was remaining when Chandrababu Naidu was handed over the power and took over the work as the New CM of AP then. The one who is 420 in AP issued orders to increase the project value to Rs 6,671.62 crores that did effect immediately. The CM took advantage of this situation to distribute the contract for the completion of the project to his crony contractors.

The then ruling government further decided to take up the lining work of the Telugu Ganga canal that stretched up to 18.20 km. The lining work between the Velugodu balancing reservoir and the Banacherla Cross Regulator until 7.380 km shouldn’t have cost any more than Rs 172.99 crores as per the estimations made by the government in 2007. But according to the TDP Minister, the entire project was evaluated at the value of Rs. 180.48 crores.

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Orders released by the Former Chief Minister:

The Water Resources Department couldn’t handle the pressure directly from the ex-CM and thus gave into the orders released by Chandrababu Naidu to increase the estimated cost of the above-mentioned project to Rs. 280.27 crores from Rs 180.48 crores. Further, instructions were given by the CM to the Water Resources Department for released the notification of the tender to be issued in the name of C.M. Ramesh, who was again one of his cronies and the Rajya Sabha member of the Telugu Desam Party.

On 16th July 2018, the officials revised the orders according to the new estimated value at Rs 239.03 crores, and an open tender notification was released out by giving a deadline of no more than 18 months.

Facilitating the work to the TDP MP:

Typically, for conducting the lining work of the canals, only the experienced contractors who can work with the Pavers are allowed to bid. But, in this case, the rules of the tender were transformed, suggesting that along with the Pavers, the short creating techniques are mandatory to be used. This rule was introduced into the new bid as the contractor of Rithwik Projects C.M. Ramesh was explicitly experienced in the method.

This shows how the one who is 420 in AP made everything in his power possible to ransack the state of AP in every way. He made sure not only him but his Benamis and cronies to are benefitted from all the projects that have been conducted under his tenure. Isn’t it so thoughtful to loot the state of AP and fill his own pockets?

Rs. 12.16 crores were estimated for the construction per km!

The remaining work of the Telugu Ganga that had to be redone was only related to the lining work of the canal of length 18.20 km. In the Lining work in between 18.200 km and 42.566 km of the Telugu Ganga Main Canal, only work for 800 to 900 meters was remaining. Besides this project, around 650 meters of work was remaining in the BCR channel, which had to be completed when Chandrababu Naidu took over the position of CM.  If we take all the distances of work into account, no more than 19.650 km long lining of work remained for the completion of the entire project.

Further estimations were taken from the Engineering experts who said that no more Rs 7 crores were needed to be invested per km. However, the estimated cost given out by the government per kilometer was around Rs. 12.16 crores. Also, the one who is 420 in AP decided to pay an additional sum of Rs. 36.29 crores to the contractor for GST, labor cess, and some other charges.

Bottom Line:

Now that you have the account details of the crores of money invested in the Telugu Ganga project, you can make an estimation of the amount of corruption the entire TDP government has conducted in their four and half years of tenure. Also, the one who is 420 in APChandrababu Naidu was completely unabashed about his diabolical plans and went on filling his pockets with the state’s money.

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