Promoting Scams – The Real Face of Chandrababu Naidu


  • Late MVVS Murthy encroached upon 7.61 acres.
  • Land allocated for the housing of the poor.
  • 31 Acres Leased at Rs. 10 Lakh a year

The Beginning

Andhra Pradesh is being rocked by land scams that are taking place with the active support of the highest echelons of the government. Late MVVS Murthy, a former TDP leader and relative of Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP), who grabbed 55.24-acre land at Rishikonda, took over another land allocated to Rajiv Swagruha Corporation for the housing of the poor. Murthy had simply taken possession of the land and subsequently shot off a letter to the then state government seeking the handing over of the land. And the then government was more willing to oblige him for the reasons that can be easily made out by all of us.

There have been complaints that 55.24 acres of Gitam University land belongs to the government. The then State government encouraged this daylight robbery by giving Mr. Murthy the 55.24-acre Rishikonda land, which was already in his possession. Land grabbing itself is a big crime, and rewarding the grabber, as is the case here, amounts to abetment of the crime by the government. Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) is doing this crime with the utmost confidence that nobody can question him.

Collector Urges Swagruha Corporation to Save its Lands

Gitam University has brazenly occupied 7.61 acres of land allocated to Rajiv Swagruha Corporation in 2009. It has occupied this large tract of land worth Rs.100 crores and asked the government to hand it over. However, Yuvraj Singh, then Vizag Collector and honest officer, made it clear that the 1.95 acres of survey no: 16 and the 5.66 acres of survey no: 20 were allocated to Rajiv Swagruha Corporation on February 20, 2009, through GO No: 219 and the transfer of this land to Gitam was not possible. He also wrote to the CCLA, stating that it would be impossible to reverse the government’s decision and hand over it to a private university. He also suggested Rajiv Swagruha Corporation should Wrest the land from Gitam University and make proper use of it.

However, late, Mr. Murthy succeeded in his efforts as he had the strong support of Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP). The then CM oversaw the flagrant violation of rules and ordered the officials concerned to prepare proposals to take the land back from the housing corporation and hand it over to his Benami. As a part of this process, the Chandrababu government transferred the district Collector Yuvraj Singh within four months of his joining duties in Vizag.

Does the Government Give Land to Poor Squatters?

Government officials are faulting the TDP government’s decision to cancel the land allotment to Government departments and weaker sections’ housing society to benefit a private university. They are questioning why the government should give land at a nominal price to a private university collecting exorbitant fees. Would the Chandrababu government show similar benevolence towards poor and needy squatting on government land demanding its handover?

Mukhteshwara Temple Land Grabbed

After successfully taking control of Sadavarti Choultry lands, the Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) government has eyed the lands of one more temple. This time, the government gave Rs. 25 crore worth endowment lands located by the Krishna river in Krishna district to a former TDP minister. In the pretext of tourism development, the government palmed off 50.31 acres of land belonging to Muktheswara Swamy located in Mukthyala village of Jaggayyapeta Mandal, Krishna district, on a long -term lease to the former minister. The details are-

According to the endowment officials, 170 acres of agricultural land in Mukthyala and neighboring villages belong to Bhavani Muktheswara Swamy temple. The river in this village locates 50.31 acres of this land under survey numbers 149 and 150. The former TDP minister applied to the government to develop a tourist resort in these lands. The file was moved quickly through government offices because of the clout the applicant had. The former minister in question is related to an MLC who had worked as a secretary in the NTR Trust Bhavan, Hyderabad, earlier and is known to be his political guru.

The issue was discussed in the cabinet; however, it was held for some time as the matter became public. However, the government has prepared the ground to quietly give away this land to the former minister. Ignoring the officials at the field level, some key officials in the endowments department made favorable decisions to toe the line of the higher-ups in the government, according to the department’s sources.

Concluding Remarks

The Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) regime saw massive escalation in crimes and other illegal activities. The leader supported the acts and hence could not be ignored at all costs. The results are worth noting and hence one should vote for rights candidates only.

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