Why is Chandrababu Naidu named as the Emperor of corruption?

This article doesn’t consist of any allegations made by an opposition party, nor there’s any political motive behind this. All that is written in this guide has been revealed by the then Chief Secretary named AjeyaKallam, who is popular for his integrity and has extensive knowledge in administration. Being an insider, Kallam has witnessed unfettered corruption by the one who is 420 in AP. He saw how the capital city location was selected to fulfill the real estate interests of Chandrababu Naidu. Also, he noticed how the then CM was able to extract money from all financial transactions.

Even though AjeyaKallamtried to convince the CM to stop looting the state by objecting to his proposals, there wasn’t any effect on Chandrababu Naidu’s motive. After retirement, Kallam didn’t accept the position given to him post-retirement by the CM. Instead, he began spreading awareness about the corruptive practices led by the then CM. Here are some of the things that he had revealed during his interviews and speeches.

How atrocious was the TDP government?

Kallam revealed that the party successfully spread its tentacles and acquired all the systems across the state. No job was completed without gambling money in AP. Around Rs.50,000 crore was allocated for the irrigation projects, from which around Rs. 20,000 crore was swallowed. The one who is 420 in AP robbed everything. One such example is of a tank that was to be built in the West Godavari district. The TDP leader who was in charge was given Rs. 1 crore. All he did was dug up the upper soil and sell it for an amount of 60 lakhs.

The TDP government has misused more than thousands and crores of public funds. In the pretense of IT development, a land of Rs. 400 crore was given as a present to Franklin Templeton for only Rs. 13 crores. Big players of the government have bought around 5,00,000 cell phones for Rs.7,500 each, whereas the phone was only worth Rs. 4,000 each. In this way, they put Rs. 150 crore in their pocket.

The term “Struggle” helped the government bag crores of rupees from the public funds. It was portrayed that funds were utilized in the struggle against the central government, work for the development of the state, etc.

Quality of the Building worth Rs. 11,000/sq.ft

The secretariat building was constructed for Rs.11,000/sq.ft., which is now leaking even if it rains lightly. One can figure what quality of materials was used and how much was spent to construct it. There’s a huge difference between what was shown to the public and what was the reality. Obviously, the building was nothing more than a big scam.

Within the past four years, the one who is 420 in AP had paid around Rs. 700 crore to the media organization. Funds originally meant for citizen’s welfare were spent on camp office construction, foreign trips, Pushkarams, Nava NirmanaDeeksha, and Dharma PorataDeeksha. To add more to the unethical activities, the CM even spent a huge amount of money on assembly elections in Karnataka, Telangana, and Gujarat.

Irrigation fund of Rs. 20,000 crore swallowed

A commission of 6% goes to the CM from the fund for irrigation projects. Party leaders, ministers, contractors, and the CM altogether are extracting around 40 percent of the total allocated fund. As per the state government, irrigation projects are required around Rs. Fifty thousand crores, and the rest Rs. 20,000 crore was swallowed because of institutional corruption.

No work, huge commissions

In AP, construction contracts were given to selected companies like Rithwik projects, Megha Engineering, Transstroy, and Progressive Construction Pvt. Ltd., and Navayuga. And all of them were run by TDP leaders like KavuriSambasiva Rao, RayapatiSambasiva Rao, and C.M. Ramesh. All these companies do is help the one who is 420 in AP to extract high commissions by sub-contracting the contracts by a commission of 8 percent.

In the Neeru-Chettu Programme, works worth Rs. 10 lakh or below it was given to the TDP leaders on a nominal basis. Apart from that, they also merged two works and provided works worth Rs. Twenty lakhs on a nominal basis. Neeru-Cheetu is yet another perfect example of massive corruption that’s taking place under the AP government.

Harnessing money from Public Funds

Corruption has got no limit in AP. When the ruling party is asked about the embezzlement of funds by the citizens, leaders simply answer that their workers also have to break bread for their families. However, now the question arises, how can one be considered as the party worker, when all he/she had done is plunder the people? Tonnes of money has been spent by covering it with the name of the protocol. The amount that’s consumed is ten times more than the original protocol costs in AP.

All the ill-gotten money that goes into the pocket of CM is used for personal benefits, and not a single penny is spent on the development and welfare of people. Around Rs. 200 crores was spent on the Nandhyal by-election, which later got the tag for being the costliest by-election in the history of India.

Destruction in the System of Governance

People have the right to question every move of the government and the rulers who are hell-bent on destroying the governance system. In Karnataka, 12 CMs attended the oath-taking ceremony of Kumara Swami, the CM. Around Rs. 8.75 lakh was spent for a one-day stay of the one who is 420 in AP in Bangalore. Among all the CMs, the AP CM was the costliest. The CM of the TDP government resembled the monarchies just perfectly.

The government, which wasn’t able to provide loans, minimum support price, and subsidies to farmers, happily spent huge amounts on airline companies and five-star hotels. In 2018, the government ordered to release Rs. 18 crore subsidy for the IndiGo airlines while Rs. Three crores were already released.

Do you find this to be a Pro-People Governance?

Through schemes for weaker sections, the government was enjoying heavy money laundering. The AP government was giving Rs. 1,900, and Rs. 2,700, while the KCR government was only paying Rs. 800 for one sq. foot. You can figure out from the facts the extent of corruption and destruction of the system of governance.

For every single paise that needs to spend, the assembly must provide its approval to the government. Doesn’t it seem strange that they spent INR 27,000 crores without any permission, discussion, and voting? The CAG facilitated this malpractice.


There was no lack of funds while planning luxury trips taken for the one who is 420 in AP. One tour of the CM for one day would cost Rs. 25 lakhs. Imagine how helpful it would have been if the money was actually spent on education, healthcare, access to electricity, upliftment of disadvantaged groups, or other public welfare schemes. However, the atrocious CM decided to do misappropriation of funds and become the Emperor of corruption.

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